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Electro-Priests have devoted their vocation in the mechanicum to study, harness and control electricity and the motive force. Grafting generators to their bodies to provide the enough power to use the electrical currents as weapons on the battlefield, unleashing sheets of lightning to fry, melt the enemy and shut down any of their electronics, leaving them powerless. Sub-dermal implants that look like circuit boards beneath their skin allow the currents to flow all around their bodies and make it flow to where the power is needed. Their eyes sockets covered or stitched up as their eyes have long ago burnt out and exploded.

This kit can be either made into Corpuscarii Electro-Priests or Fulgurite Electro-Priests. Two very opposing factions of this priesthood. The Corpuscarii are the priests who carry vast dynamos on their backs and halos of transistors as crowns, acting like batteries, that can generate enough electricity and shoot it from ringed gauntlets around their wrists for shooting or combat attacks. arcing out bolts of lightning to kill any foes that stray within their grasp. Defeating their enemies through overloading the enemy with so much power, it overloads and destroys them.

Bizarrely the Fulgurite think the opposite tactic is the better way to defeating ones enemy. A more close combat orientated strategy, draining and siphoning off the life force and energy from the victim through the haft of their electroleech staves. Thick rubber gloves and boots protect them from the electrical discharge of life force as it is sucked from the prey as they are bludgeoned to death.

This duel box set is a multi-part plastic kit, miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required. 

Adeptus Mechanicus Electro-Priests

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