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The Imperial war machines of the Astra Militarum face the mightiest of opponents on the battlefield, taking the bulk of incoming fire and suffering the most damage. The repair of these mighty vehicles is trusted to the Tech-Priest Engineers, a priesthood dedicated to the Omnissiah that are so far removed the standard rank and file troops that they could barely be classed as human. Clad in blessed power armour and armed with cog-toothed power axes, the Tech-Priest can repair vehicles during the heat of battle ranging from a humble chimera to the colossal super heavy Baneblades.

This pack contains 1 Astra Militarum Tech-Priest Enginseer. This miniatures was previously only available in the Leman Russ tech-Command boxed set.

Please Note: The Tech-Priest Enginseer is supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.

Astra Militarum Tech-Priest Enginseer

£24.00 Regular Price
£22.80Sale Price
Within 30 Days as long as distributor has item in stock

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