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Little is known about Celestine before she became the Living Saint, it is believed that she was a Sister Repentia of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and that she was but one warrior fighting at the prolonged Palatine Schism, against thousands of heretics. Celestine was believed to have been killed in battle before the capital city of the planet Eurytion, and it was said that she had killed over one hundred heretics before she fell. Her Body was retrieved by her fellow sisters days later, to their surprise she was still alive. Believing her to be blessed by the Emperor himself, the Sisters cleansed her body and found her to be free of wounds. The next day, the assault resumed with Celestine at its head.

Instead of assaulting sector's capital world, Celestine ventured into a backwater world called Sanctus Lys, which was home to an ancient shrine once visited by Saint Katherine. There she entered a hidden crypt, alone, forbidding any present to follow. At the first light of dawn, Celestine rose from the crypt changed. Clad in the Armour of Saint Katherine and wielding The Ardent Blade, she had become a vessel of the Emperor's divine radiance; she was declared a Living Saint.

This set contains,

  • 1x Celestine, The Living Saint
  • 2x Geminae Superia's
  • 1x Citadel Round Base

Please Note: 

  • Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • This miniature was previously only available in Triumvirate Of The Primarch box set.

Celestine The Living Saint

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