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Things are not always what they seem in this place, so you can't take anything for granted,' - words of advice ringing in Sarah's ears as she explores the treacherous Labyrinth. Trusting her feelings, the girl approaches the bellowing, fearsome, hairy monster hanging by his feet. Gently untying his cruel bonds, Sarah reassures the frightened beast and her kind instincts are rewarded when he introduces himself as Ludo, Sarah's new best friend.

Hulking and massive, with great curling horns and tusks projecting from his broad maw, Ludo looms menacingly, but the creature's intimidating visage belies a gentle soul beneath all that matted and shaggy hair. He responds to Sarah's generosity in kind, pledging his friendship and loyalty, following her into every peril the dizzying maze throws their way until he can go no further. But even as Sarah bids her friends farewell for her final confrontation with the Goblin King, Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and all of the beings whose hearts she has touched on her journey will always be with her...

Product features:

- 1/6 scale, Limited Edition;
- Portrays the gentle giant, Ludo;
- Digitally sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptor Kim Beaton and Mauro Santini on the fine touches;
- Posed for display with his friend, Hoggle;
- Expression captures Ludo's gentle demeanour;
- Perched upon the cracked stonework of the winding Labyrinth;
- Made from high-quality polystone.

Dimensions: 33 x 36 x 30 cm

Limited Edition of 400 pcs worldwide.

Labyrinth Statue 1/6 Ludo 36 cm

£530.00 Regular Price
£477.00Sale Price
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