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We have a Cave Troll!
Hearing that there were Hobbits for lunch, the Cave Troll excitedly burst through the doors with a rumbling growl and grumbling stomach. Unfortunately for him, it was all a cunning trap set by the Mini Epics team. Now, not only is he still hungry, but he's also been distilled for display on your shelf.

This oafish brute may seem scary, but you'd be upset too if you went for a snack and returned riddled with arrows. "
- Premium, stylised vinyl figure;
- Armed with a mighty club, injured by a tiny arrow;
- Bursting with expression and personality;
- Sculpted by Weta Workshop's Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

Officially licensed figure made of vinyl. It measures approx. 19 x 24 x 15 cm and comes in a printed gift box.

Lord of the Rings Mini Epics Vinyl Figure Cave Troll 11 cm

£95.00 Regular Price
£85.50Sale Price
Within 30 Days

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