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Informed by a flock of Crebain that Gandalf is trying to lead the Fellowship of the Ring over the mountain pass of Caradhras, the Wizard Saruman seeks to divert them towards a more dangerous route.

From atop the Tower of Orthanc, his great obsidian spire, Saruman sends a storm to assail them, bringing the mountainside down upon the Fellowship. Weaving magic into the wind with his incantations, the Wizard draws upon the powers of the elements and commands them to do his bidding; an awesome display of power from he who believes himself the greatest of all Wizards, Saruman the White.

- By fans, for fans;
- Made from high-quality PVC;
- Surrounded by a wicked flock of spying Crebain;
- Powers on full display, mid spell, as magic courses out around him;
- Sculpted by Daniel Holland.

Size: 22,8 x 25,7 x 17,6 cm

The Lord of the Rings Figures of Fandom PVC Statue Saruman the White 26 cm

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